Dimple Trio Rose


Dimble Trio Rose

Valonlähteet E27: 3 X 8W LED Filament (max Ø 60mm) tai
E27: 3 X 7W PAR LED (max Ø 60mm)
Värit tilaamalla  

MateriaaliCristalflex® / Stainless Steel

Slamp kotisivut

Koko   140 cm  x 9 cm x korkeus max max 200 cm
Paino: 2,0
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Dimple Trio Suspension

design by Valeria Pantone and Dennis Pavoncello

Dimple is an original and innovative collection that joins minimalism and the rigour of design to the multifaceted expressions that light exudes. The exclusive cold-modelling technique transmits another dimension to the material’s surface, breaking the linearity and making it sinuous and sensual. Light is reflected in the linear hollows that cover the lamp’s surface, revealing ever-changing coloured reflections. Dimple is a kaleidoscope, and its multiple shapes, both the directional and pragmatic forms that make up a modern canon, as well as the suggestive and thought-provoking ones found in every Slamp collection, make this lamp the star of any space.